Needlework Tool Collectors    2023  MEETINGS


Victoria 2023 Dates
04 February
   Made by My Own Hand
04 March         Yarn Bombing: Annette Fitton, Textile Artist (Nini & Wink, Facebook)
                          +ZOOM added, available to all members

01 April            Wearable Yarn Holders - Chatelaines, Spool Knaves, Bangles, and Hooks:
                          Susan Webster. Meeting In-person & on ZOOM, available to all members

06 May             Chris Clark -  Topic: Haberdashery Museum. Special Sales Mall.
03 June           Conservation of Paper and Ephemera: Debra Perry
01 July             Felting: Margie Clark
05 August       Children & the Craft of Needlework: Rhonda Diffey
02 September  AGM & Members Sales Mall
07 October      The History of Chintz, and Stanhopes: Jo Armstrong
04 November  History 0f Dutch, German and English Dolls' Houses: Greg Hamilton
02 December  Enameled Needlework Tools and Buttons: Sue Scott & Jan Harris; plus
                           Christmas afternoon tea (bring a plate to share)
New South Wales 2023 Dates

11 February   Thimble Roundup, Lee Bateman. Hearts and Needlework Tools: Kerry Easton
                          Show & Tell: Needlework tools (hearts or heart-shaped) plus Love Tokens,
                          Valentines and The Birds & The Bees.

13 May            About Irons, Maria Richards. Show & Tell: Irons plus Coronation or Royal
                         memorabilia/tools and the SALES MALL

12 August
      Georgian & Victorian DIY Home Decoration, Penny Williams. Show & Tell:
                         Georgian & Victorian Home Crafts + Fruits, Nuts & Seeds

14 October    Human Hair in Jewellery and Embroidery, Marlene Arditto, Show & Tell:
                         Items using human hair, hair or fur, and those which incorporate pearls 
                         Also, Final Preparation for Conference. 

09  December PARTY TIME - Christmas theme is 'The Night Before Christmas' with Kerry
                          Easton. Show & Tell is anything that fits the theme, and What Santa brought
                         me (or I wish he had!)
 BYO lunch; tea & coffee available   
South Australia 2023 Dates
1 February
  Crochet as an Art Form: Sandy Lepore, Yarn Artist. Show & Tell - Items of

05 April           Ribbon Renaissance, Artistry in Silk : Helen Eriksson, Author, Embroidery
                         Expert. Show & Tell - Embroidered articles
07 June          My Vintage Obsession: Amanda Blair, Tireless Charity worker, author,
                         raconteur. Show & Tell - vintage clothing; please wear an item of vintage
                         clothing or accessory             

02 August      Playing with Textile and Paper Collage: Juliet Abbott, Needlework Artist. Show
                         & Tell - Fabric and paper decorated items

04 October    Pam Seppelt will speak about her Sewing and Quilting Journey
29 November Christmas lunch commencing 12:30pm. Please bring a platter to share and
                          any Christmas-related items.

You are all encouraged to bring along any item relevant to the theme of the day for "Show and Tell'. There will be a sales table at each meeting - please bring your priced articles.  
Disclaimer : You are responsible for your items at all times.
A plate of afternoon tea is welcome. Bring your friends who are interested in collecting needle work tools and would like to join the group. A donation of $3 is required to cover our Hall rental costs.
Subscriptions to be a member of our parent society, the Needlework Tool Collectors Society of Australia, are $30 per year. A monthly newsletter "Snippets" is mailed to all members, who are welcome to attend our group meetings. Send your subscription to NTCSA (details on this form )

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 Victorian Group 2023  
2:00pm - first Saturday each month except January
Venue: Gardner Uniting Church Hall
Cnr Malvern and Burke Roads
MALVERN EAST (Melways 59/H7)
$5.00 entry fee to cover hall costs


 NSW Group 2023 
11:00am to 4:00pm Saturday, (Feb, May, Aug, Oct, Dec)

Dence Park, 26 Stanley Road 


$5 entry fee to cover hall costs

South Australia Group 2023
First Wednesday of the month at 1:30pm, with the exception of the Christmas meeting which is a shared luncheon at 12:30pm.

 65 Sturt Road, BRIGHTON, S.A.

Church of Christ (western side)
 At the meetings, a donation of $3 will cover running costs