Needlework Tool Collectors    2018  MEETINGS


03 February    Caring for Textiles and Organic Objects incl Tortoiseshell, shell, bone & wood -
                         Marion Parker
03 March         Keep the Girls Busy & the Noisy Boys Quiet - Karen Kearney.
                         Show & Tell
- Items that encourage children to knit and sew
07 April            Sales Mall; RED - Anything red: Judy Hopkins
05 May             Yarn Winders - Susan Webster
02 June           Why Would You Bother: Anything Unusual - Wanda McPherson
07 July             Scissors - Carolyn Leach-Paholski
04 August        Members bring items from "My Other Collection"  
01 September  Basket Makers - Maureen King 
06 October      Victoria - All things from our State - Nicci Kissane 
03 November  Shoes and Hats  - Jan Harris
01 December
    Christmas - speaker Valda Martin 

24 February    NSW AGM + 'Expect the Unexpected - Cinderella'
26 May             Trading Tables; 'More Precious than Gold - Meissen Thimbles 1710-1760'

25 August
       Aspects of Embroidery and Needlework tools
27-28 October  CONFERENCE 2018 - see Conference page for details
24 November  Antique Christmas and Christmas Antics!
 BYO lunch; tea & coffee available
07 February Traditional Handmade Millinery - Christiana Moore
04 April        Favourite Needlework Items
06 June       Costumes in the Victoriana Society - Jayne Kader
01 August    My Search for Antique Sewing and Needlework Treasures in France
                     - Joanne Petitdemange
03 October  From Quilting to Textile Art - Julie Abbott
28 November Christmas lunch 12:30pm - Items with a Christmas theme 

You are all encouraged to bring along to a meeting any item relevant to the theme of the day for "Show and Tell'. There will be a sales table at each meeting - please bring your priced articles.  
Disclaimer : NTCSA is a social group. You are responsible for the care of your items.
Subscriptions to be a member of our parent society are $30 per year. A monthly newsletter is mailed to all members, who are welcome to attend our group meetings. A  plate of afternoon tea is welcome. 

You might also be interested in knowing some of our
2010 - 2017 Meeting Topics. They're in .pdf format and were:

Victorian Group
2:00pm - first Saturday each month except January
Venue: Gardner Uniting Church Hall
Cnr Malvern and Burke Roads
MALVERN EAST (Melways 59/H7)
$5.00 entry fee to cover hall costs


 NSW Group
11:00am to 4:00pm Saturday, (Feb, May, Aug, Oct, Nov)

Venue: Beecroft Presbyterian Church Hall Mary Street
(enter from Welham Street) 
$5 entry fee to cover hall costs
 South Australia Group
First Wednesday of the month at 1:30pm, with the exception of the Christmas meeting which is a shared luncheon at 12:30pm.
The Church of Christ
 65 Sturt Road, BRIGHTON, S.A.

Church of Christ (western side)
65 Sturt Road, BRIGHTON, S.A.
 At the meetings, a donation of $3 will cover running costs