Needlework Tool Collectors    2018  MEETINGS


03 February    Caring for Textiles and Organic Objects incl Tortoiseshell, shell, bone & wood -
                         Marion Parker
03 March         Keep the Girls Busy & the Noisy Boys Quiet - Karen Kearney.
                         Show & Tell
- Items that encourage children to knit and sew
07 April            Sales Mall; TBA
05 May             TBA
02 June           TBA
07 July             TBA
04 August        TBA
01 September  TBA
06 October      TBA
03 November  TBA
01 December

24? February    TBC
26? May             Trading Tables; TBC

25? August
27-28 October      CONFERENCE 2018 - see Conference page for details
24? November  Christmas + TBC
 BYO lunch; tea & coffee available
07 February Traditional Handmade Millinery - Christiana Moore
04 April        My Search for Antique Sewing and Needlework Treasures - Joanne Petitdemange
06 June       TBA
01 August    TBA
03 October  From Quilting to Textile Art - Julie Abbott
05 December Christmas lunch 12:30pm  

You are all encouraged to bring along to a meeting any item relevant to the theme of the day for "Show and Tell'.
There will be a sales table at each meeting - please bring your priced articles.  
Disclaimer : NTCSA is a social group. You are responsible for the care of your items.
Subscriptions to be a member of our parent society are $30 per year. A monthly newsletter is mailed to all members, who are welcome to attend our group meetings. A  plate of afternoon tea is welcome. 

You might also be interested in knowing some of our
2010 - 2017 Meeting Topics. They're in .pdf format and were:

Victorian Group
2:00pm - first Saturday each month except January
Venue: Gardner Uniting Church Hall
Cnr Malvern and Burke Roads
MALVERN EAST (Melways 59/H7)
$5.00 entry fee to cover hall costs


 NSW Group
11:00am to 4:00pm Saturday, (Feb, May, Aug, Oct, Nov)

Venue: Beecroft Presbyterian Church Hall Mary Street
(enter from Welham Street) 
$5 entry fee to cover hall costs
 South Australia Group
First Wednesday of the month at 1:30pm, with the exception of the Christmas meeting which is a shared luncheon at 12:30pm.
The Church of Christ
 65 Sturt Road, BRIGHTON, S.A.

Church of Christ (western side)
65 Sturt Road, BRIGHTON, S.A.
 At the meetings, a donation of $3 will cover running costs