Needlework Tool Collectors                            MEETINGS


 04 February     More Yarn Holders - Cups, Baskets, Tubs and Cages - Susan Webster
04 March       Lace - Jo Armstrong
01 April          Sales Mall; Singer - Nicola Kissane
06 May           Assorted Wooden Thread Bobbins - Pam Ractliffe
03 June         Hemming Birds/Clamps - Julie Newman
01 July           In Search of Dorothy - Dot Cawood & Lydia Hamilton
05 August      Nanny Brooches - Greg Hamilton
02 September     Advertising Tools/Thimbles - Jan Harris & Norma Shattock
07 October         30th Birthday - Pearl Anniversary; Show & Tell/Party "PEARLING" - Robyn Caddy
04 November     Any Blue Needlework or Tool, and Shades thereof - Lyn Hendry
02 December     Christmas  

25 February    Charles Iles - The Man, The Thimbles; AGM; + The "When" of Sewing Baskets &
                          What's in Them

27 May             Trading Tables; Fifteen Minutes of Fame +
American Sewing Tools
26 August
       Queen Adelaide Collection + Sadeli (Anglo-Indian) boxes, tools & patterns
21 October      Unavoidable CHANGE OF DATE, now on 21st; Speaker & Topic TBA
25 November  Children's Sewing Tools + Christmas Toys theme 
 BYO lunch; tea & coffee available
01 February     Scissors: bring yours along!
05 April        Royal Memorabilia - Doody Taylor
07 June       Tribal Textiles - Keryn James
02 August    Beneath the Buttons and Bows - Annie Basham
04 October  Sewing Boxes - Maureen Weir
06 December Christmas lunch 12:30pm   (shared, pooled lunch)

You are all encouraged to bring along to a meeting any item relevant to the theme of the day for "Show and Tell'. Bring new friends who are interested in collecting needlework tools and would like to join the society.

There will be a sales table at each meeting - please bring your priced articles and be responsible for them.  
Disclaimer : NTCSA is a social group. We do not take responsibility for loss or damage to items belonging to members or visitors. You are responsible for your items at all times.
Subscriptions to attend our group meetings are $30 a year. You will then be a member of our parent society, The Needlework Tool Collectors Society of Australia. A monthly newsletter is included with Membership of the Society; application forms are available.   _____________________________________________________________________________

You might also be interested in knowing some of our
2010 - 2016 Meeting Topics. They were:
Vintage Women's Magazines & Their Giveaways

Needlework Tools with a Political Theme & Non-Politically Correct Tools
Buckles  + Sales Mall

Yarn Cages worn on the Person: Chatelaines, Bangles & Baskets
Eggs and Nuts
Liberty Fabrics/Art Nouveau
Cotton Reel Holders
Ribbons and Tassels + Show & Tell: Needlework Tools - anything green and shades thereof

ristol Board + Conference purchases
Talk by Lauretta Zilles, House Collection Curator, Buda Historic House, Castlemaine
Bakelite Tools
Crochet Hooks and Granny Squares
Spool Knaves
My Other Collection (not shown in 2014):speaker on Compacts
Rare 18th Century Buttons; Show&tell Button Hooks
My Rescued Quilt
Tasmanian Needlework Tools
Australiana and Kyneton Fine China
Novelty Sewing Sets - The crazier the better

Winding Reels
Handkerchiefs and Handkerchief holders
Mending Stockings
Treasures from Sea and Sand
 My Other Collection: Milk Jug Covers
Display of Pin Containers plus Conference Working Bee
Beaded Bags
Rick Rack Braid
Fauna: Tools and Accessories
Miniatures/Miniature Sewing Tools
Buttons in the Time of Charles Dickens
Skein Winders
Ideas for Displaying Collections
Thimble Containers
Embroidered Cards
Hat Pins and Hat Pin Containers
Embroidered and Beaded Bags
Flora Tools & Accessories
Treen Tools - a Collector's Dream
Sewing Containers with Attitude
 Paper Dolls
 Reincarnation - Needlework Tools with a New Life or Purpose -- All members
Beadwork and Beaded Needlework Tools
Needlework Tools Trivia Quiz

Mauchline Ware
Children's Needlework Tools
Miser Purses
 Christmas and Other 'Special Occasion' Thimbles
Patons Knitting Tools as a Merchandising Aid

Cardboard thread boxes

Enamel thimbles
Poems/verses about needlework tool/embroidery

Anglo Indian sewing boxes

Patterns and tracing wheels

Embroidered Buttons
Buttons for National Costumes


Ancient Thimbles to 1700
Silver Filigree Items

Packets of Needles

Nanny Brooches and Christening Gowns

Lace Making in 17th and 18th century England


Shoe Shaped Tools

Tools and Haberdashery with Female Names
Royal Commemorative Items
Australian Samplers
Handmade Christmas Decorations
Advertising on Needlework Tools
Trading Tables;
Thimbles and Enamel Tools
Interview with the Masters
Baxter Needlebox prints

Australian Women's Magazines in the First Half of the 20th Century

Crafts in Jane Austen's Time
I Don't why do I collect needlework tools?

Needlework Tools on the Front Line & Women at Home

Nielo Needlework Tools;
Needlework Frames and Hoops

Thimble Roundup;
The Remarkable Mr Avery's Needlecases

Country of Origin Tools including Thimbles

Thimble Roundup, Nanny Brooches & Conference working bee

Trading Tables, and Grandmother's Workbox

Thimble Roundup; and Fishy Tales: Fact and Fiction amongst Needlework Tools
Lace Tools & Lacemaking; Red & Green needlework tools for Christmas
Buttons, Bows; Show & Tell theme is Buttons & Bows

Tools Used in Stumpwork

Thimble Roundup; Jewels in the Crown: Workboxes from India and Ceylon. Show & Tell theme Anglo Indian & other Empires

Thimble Roundup; Treasures from the Seven Seas; needlework tools using Shell or any nautical theme

Fans & Fan-shaped Needlework Tools

Items Discovered on Our Travels
'Between the Wars' and other special features

Dutch and European Needlework Tools

A Lady's and Gentleman's Accessories in Needlework Tools; plus Doll's Accessories

The Female Factory plus Family Heirloom Pieces

Goldwork Embroidery..........and a Golden Christmas Theme

Needlework Tools in the Time of Mrs Macquarie
'Remembering Nerylla' and other special features

The Wearing & Storage of Needlework Tools as well as Watch Pockets

Three Centuries of Worktables

Needles and Where we Keep Them

Threadwinders, Threadkeepers, Reel Holders

Samplers; also, Your ABC’s (any needlework tools beginning with A, B, or C)

Grandma’s and Mother’s Sewing Items; also My Apron Collection

Antique Quilts


A Silver Christmas

My Favourite Needlework Tool

Quilting and Quilting Tools

Vintage Buttons
Embroidered Tea and Table cloths, and tools used to embroider them
Handcraft Exhibit at Royal Adelaide Show
Anything pertaining to Christenings, Babies' and Children's wear

Sewing boxes: Boxes for Stumpwork

Hardanger, and Royal Memorabilia
Remember the Days of Make Do and Mend

Crochet and Tatting

All types of sewing threads, cotton, linen & silk, and relevant reels, winders & containers

Embroidery & Scissors

My Quilt Collection; Show & Tell: Handcrafted Gifts received from friends

Miniature Mannequins; Show & Tell: Children's Sewing Tools
My Annual Buying Trip to the UK; Show & Tell: Needlework Tools with Stanhopes
Knitting: a Favourite Hobby & the tools we use
The Special Victorian Needlecases known as Averys

Handmade Christmas Decorations

Novelty Pin cushions and Doll Kits

Maritime and Tortoiseshell Needlework Tools
The Beauty of Mother of Pearl
Your Favourite Handiwork and Wedding Memorabilia

Ebony and Ivory
Items with a Christmas Theme
Children's Sewing Sets & Bakelite Needlework Tools

Felting or Netting


Conservation of Textiles
Royal Commemoratives
Smocking and Ethnic Embroidery

Black & White – Let your Imagination Run Wild !

Needle cases, packets and folders
Favourite pieces of embroidery, lace, gold work, etc.
Mauchline ware and other treen, including boxes 

Plastic and Bakelite thimbles

Victorian Group
2:00pm - first Saturday each month except January
Venue: Gardner Uniting Church Hall
Cnr Malvern and Burke Roads
MALVERN EAST (Melways 59/H7)
$5.00 entry fee to cover hall costs


 NSW Group
11:00am to 4:00pm Saturday, (Feb, May, Aug, Oct, Nov)

Venue: Beecroft Presbyterian Church Hall Mary Street
(enter from Welham Street) 
$5 entry fee to cover hall costs
 South Australia Group
1:30pm, First Wednesday of the month, except Christmas meeting which is at 12:30pm.
Church of Christ (western side)
65 Sturt Road, BRIGHTON, S.A.
A donation of $3 will cover running costs, and a plate of afternoon tea is welcome.