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2017 was our 30th Birthday!

        Our Society was founded in Melbourne over 30 years ago, and we certainly celebrated our Pearl anniversary. 'Pearl' is appropriate with
        needlework tools because Mother-of-Pearl tools are among the prettiest ever made. Polishing oyster (and other) shells created a new way to
        enjoy the lustre that pearls bring. Pearls may be meant for daytime, but mother-of-pearl is for anytime! 

2016 saw the Conference in Melbourne - don't forget to look at our History page to see more about the event that inspires everyone who attends! The following one was in 2018, in Sydney (we'll set up our Conference page again when the pandemic abates). The NSW group celebrated 25 years, but back in 2012 we'd already celebrated the overall Society's 25th birthday since Foundation, so the 2018 theme in Sydney was celebrating Spring.

Speaking of Events, and going back in the timeline, the 2012 Conference in Melbourne was the perfect opportunity for everyone to get together and party. Being a Silver Anniversary, that year's theme was, of course, SILVER!


There were Raffles for antique Silver sewing tools, and Silver at every opportunity: Speaker's topics, Displays of antique silver, silver-themed table decorations, and small silver-toned Conference mementos. A glistening weekend, made even more memorable with presentations to Foundation members, and to the two ladies who started the Society, celebrating 25 years of membership.

2014's Conference (in Sydney) was a chance to celebrate the 21st Birthday of the Society's New South Wales group. Happy Birthday! This group was founded by Nerylla Taunton, author and co-author of the BEST reference books on Needlework Tools and on Chatelaines. Did I mention they're beautiful books, too?

This Events Page is where we'll also add interesting snippets and Articles about needlework tools. For example, did you know that Needlework Tools were once known as Toys?  

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