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Thimble Collectors International (TCI)

Society for both Thimbles and Needlework tool collectors


Dorset Thimble Society


German Thimble Collectors


The Cavalcade of History and Fashion


ISMACS (International Sewing Machine Collectors Society)


The Buttonhook Society (UK)

Inspiring ways to display these or similar items such as Stilettos and Crochet hooks.

The Guild of Straw Craftsmen – Many straw-work sewing baskets incorporate these techniques, shown as individual Projects





Webster’s Knitting Needle Notions


A blog with needlework tools


Barbara Ballantyne


The V&A Museum’s blogs [scroll down for blogs]


V&A Quilt blog

Avery Needle case Resource Center

AVERY NEEDLECASE collectors (pictures, information & Forum for collectors)


THIMBLE HOLDERS - a large private collection - ** SITE NO LONGER ACTIVE


Marquetry Techniques (many sewing boxes have inlaid designs)


The Charles Horner Company

Recreating a 17th-century embroidered jacket based on examples in the Victoria and Albert Museum, The Embroiderers' Story chronicles its progress.

Also see [commercial site of one of the organizers, with complete history of the “Plimoth Jacket” on the blog] 
Historic Threads: Three Centuries of Clothing Colonial Williamsburg’s Antique Clothing & Accessories 1600-1860


Gay Ann Rogers, author of the books An Illustrated History of Needlework Tools and also American Silver Thimbles, is also an embroidery designer


Collection of Needlework tools


Historic Glove collections – links to extraordinary collections are on the left of their page


The Worshipful Company of Glovers of London

A slide show of antique needlework tools on Flickr photo hosting site





Smithsonian sewing machines


Wonderful video tour of IMCA Sewing Machine Museum, Holland.

The opening view of a Lion is the figural sewing machine on the front cover of Oldtimer- Sewing Machine by Otto Landgraf - you'll see more of it in the video.

For further Information on Restoring the Lion machine:





How to make a Lucet cord


Tambour Beading technique

 Whitework and Costume


Step by step photos of the creation of the Plimoth Plantation Jacket


Embroiderers’ on-line Stitch Dictionary is her blog


Mary Corbett’s Needle ‘n Thread blog (techniques)


VADS - online Visual Arts resource





Trademarks on Base-Metal Tableware by Eileen Woodhead (Archeology Service, Parks Canada) - if the link is blocked, search 'Base metal tableware'


Marks on Australian Silver 1950-2005 by Christine Erratt



Smithsonian Sampler Collection


M. Finkel & Daughter (commercial site)





Victoria and Albert Museum’s Links page for Conservation


Cleaning Metals

Cleaning Gold and Ormolu


Finding a Conservator in Australia or New Zealand

Conservators in Private Practice - AICCM Website

NZCCM Website –


Australian based suppliers of conservation grade materials:

Powerhouse Museum Supplier list


Albox Australia

Archival Survival


Conservation Resources


Preservation Australia


Zetta Florence


New Zealand based suppliers who stock conservation grade materials

Conservation Supplies




Antique Needlework Tools and Samplers

Antique Needlework Tools

Sue Gowan, author of Thimbles of Australia

Carolyn Meacham’s Antique Needlework Tools

Genevieve Cummins, The Discerning Collector

Antique Needlework Tools a collector downsizing her collection Sylvie Collett’s site; author of Palais Royal Needlework Tools.


Times Past established in 1976

Portobello Road Antiques Market


The Thimble Society


De Nederlandse Vingerhoedclub [The Netherlands Thimble Club] Antique Boxes and tea caddies; includes information on the site.