Needlework Tool Collectors                  BOOKS

Many of the following books are still currently available from bookshops or online; ask at your library too - the ISBN numbers listed below will help. Older books (such as the one pictured to the left) are included here for research and interest.


Nerylla Taunton

Antique Needlework Tools and Embroideries (1997)

Antique Collectors Club Ltd

Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK

ISBN 1851492534


Genevieve Cummins and Nerylla Taunton (1994)

Chatelaines: Utility to Glorious Extravagance (1994)

Antique Collectors Club Ltd

Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK

ISBN 1851492062


Rita Heath

Cotton Reel Stands (1999)

Published by the Dorset Thimble Society


Mary Andere

Old Needlework Boxes and Tools

David & Charles Ltd, Newton Abbott, UK

ISBN 0715352601


Sylvia Groves

The History of Needlework Tools And Accessories (1966; 1973)

Hamlyn Publishing, London

ISBN 0715359134


Molly Proctor

Needlework Tools and Accessories, A Collectors Guide. (1990)

Batsford Ltd, London

ISBN 071345895X


Gay Ann Rogers

An Illustrated History of Needlework Tools (1983)

John Murray, London

ISBN 0719540216


Bridget McConnel

The Story of Antique Needlework Tools (1999)

Schiffer Publishing Ltd, USA

ISBN 076430710X 
Bridget McConnel

The Collector's Guide to Thimbles (1996)

Random House UK Ltd

ISBN 858912415


Estelle Zalkin

Thimbles & Sewing Implements (1988)

Chilton Book Co. USA (paperback version)

ISBN 0870697633


Susan Jean Gowan

Thimbles of Australia (1998)

Kangaroo Press Pty Ltd

ISBN 0864179494

(and since 2010, to use in conjunction with the book, a CD of 1500 photos and new finds)

Frederique Crestin-Billet

La Folie des Ciseaux (2003)


ISBN 2082008886


Eleanor Johnson

Needlework and Embroidery Tools. 2nd ed (1999)

ISBN 0747803994


Gertrude Whiting

Old-time Tools & Toys of Needlework (1971 reprint of 1928 original)

Dover Publications Inc, New York.

ISBN 0486225178


Averil Colby

Pincushions (1975; paperback 1988)

B T Batsford, London

ISBN 0713430303 (hardcover)

ISBN 0713458801


Massimiliano Mandel

Scissors (1990)

ISBN 1854221825


Elaine Gaussen

Miller's Sewing Accessories: a Collectors Guide (2001)

Octopus Publishing Group, London

ISBN 1840003537


Helen Lester Thompson

Sewing Tools & Trinkets (1997)

Collector Books, KY

ISBN 0891457364


Helen Lester Thompson

Sewing Tools & Trinkets Volume 2 (2002)

Collector Books, KY

ISBN 1574322877


Estelle Horowitz & Ruth Mann

Victorian Brass Needlecases (1992)

ISBN 0962585327


Sylvie Collett

Palais Royal Needlework Tools (2009)

Privately published


Sheila Williams

The History of Knitting Pin Gauges (2006)

ISBN 1905226756

Susan Webster, with Joyce Poynter and Sheila Williams
Knitting Needle Gauges - New Finds (2017)
Dorset Thimble Society, UK
Niccola Kissane
Needlework Treasures of Tasmania (2017)
ISBN 978-0-646-98216-8
Clare Muzzatti
Anglo Indian Sewing Boxes (2021) - NEW Edition 2023
8.0MB pdf format for download here
Dawn Cook Ronningen
Antique American Needlework Tools (2018)
Also available from Australian Booksellers

 Norma Spicer

Nanny Brooches (2001)

Privately published


Diane Pelham Burn

Thread Winders: a Collector's Guide (2001)

Privately published


Genevieve Cummins

Antique Boxes - Inside and Out (2006)

Antique Collectors' Club

Woodbridge, Surrey, UK.

ISBN 1851495029

(two chapters on needlework boxes)


Antigone Clarke & Joseph O'Kelly

Antique Boxes, Tea Caddies & Society - 1700-1880

Schiffer Books, USA

ISBN 0764316885

(chapter on sewing boxes plus others of interest) (a single chapter is online)


Edwin E. Holmes

A History of Thimbles (1985)

Cornwall Books

ISBN-10: 0845347616

ISBN-13: 9780845347614


Kay Sullivan

Needlework Tools and Accessories - A Dutch Tradition. (2004)

Antique Collectors' Club Ltd

Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK.

ISBN 1851494715