The Needlework Tool Collectors Society of Australia aims to increase knowledge of current and antique needlework tools and the skills they supported. Our group holds meetings regularly in Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney, and offers library and newsletter services to our members in Australia and in other countries.


Meetings usually include a presentation on specific needlework tools, a research theme such as chatelaines, work boxes, etuis, thimbles, knitting tools, halfdolls, sewing birds, needlecases and more, or on types of needlework including antique textiles. We also have a show-N-tell session in support of the presentation or theme for the day, refreshments, and occasional sales tables. Other activities include workshops and site visits, and help in identifying obscure needlework tools and curiosities.


Click above in the Navigation Bar for information about the Society's next Biennial conference - scheduled for October, 2016 in Melbourne. Delegates enjoy two days spent listening to lecturers and specialist collectors who share their knowledge generously on the history of antique, vintage or modern needlework tools and accessories.


Curious about the pictures on this site? Hold your cursor over any of the pictures to identify the needlework tools shown; at the moment most are examples of antique pieces that are favourites among collectors.


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The Beehive etui, open to reveal the scissors, needlecase, stiletto and thimble inside; there's also a bodkin hidden behind the scissors. The bees and ivy leaf decorations retain most of their original enamel. Mounted on alabaster, this etui  is typical of many examples from  the Palais Royal